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Sarah's Birthday Fundraiser

 Together we can break down barriers, reduce stigma & provide support. 

Sarah's Birthday Fundraiser


Educating our community benefits all of us.

Through education, we begin to see the individual,

not the label.

We provide opportunities to do just that.

  • Affirming and Inclusivity Trainings

  • Suicide Prevention Trainings

  • Youth Mental Health First Aid

  • Speaker Series

  • Facebook Live Series | Let’s Chat


Everyone has something to offer.

Your experience matters. 

We’re here to offer options, 

including ones you’ve never heard of. 

  • Collaborate with us to create a Wellbeing Workshop custom made to fit the specific needs of your organization, workplace, team, club, etc.

  • We’ll bring experts together to create a menu of options that can help with your need:

    • Sound bath, yoga, meditation, art therapy, nature hikes, writing, mindfulness 

Empowering teens to confidently be themselves

Programming for teens created by teens.

Under Wellbeing Connection’s guidance, teens are creating programs to learn new ways to authentically grow into who they are.  The teens of Teen Connection will work with experts to creat festivals, workshops, trainings, and fun activities for peers.


Sarah, what made you decide to share you mental health story?


For Earth Day, the teens of our newly created Teen Connection threw a festival in New Albany's Market Square.  During the open mic, our teens asked questions of each other and ourselves. Her is Sarah...

Your donation to Wellbeing Connection will help us grow the support of mental wellness education opportunities and support groups, as well as equip those in need with tools to help them find their way out of the darkness.

Below is little bit more about what we are about and what we've been up to:

Everyone deserves to find their people.


The truth is, there are people just like you everywhere. We’re here to help you find them.

Together, we harness insights and build empathy in confidential, safe spaces through groups like:

  • NAMI Family Support Group

  • Parenting Kids with Special Needs

  • Yoga for Stress & Anxiety

  • Unidos: a Spanish Speaking Support Group

  • Shared Strength Support Series

We are hosting a fundraiser in honor of Sarah’s birthday benefitting Wellbeing Connection, the nonprofit she co-founded that brings mental health resources, education, and support to our community.


It was 2020 when a donation came in with a directive: make mental health a priority in New Albany. Sarah heard the call, saw the need, and believed in the power of connecting people to resources that help them thrive, not just survive. 


For Sarah, it was also a chance to look deeply at her own lifelong journey with mental illness and addiction. To create programming that she needed when she was a teenager. To create safe spaces for people to share their stories so others know they are not alone. 


Sarah gets it. No one can grasp exactly what it’s like to be you—but Sarah understands the fight, and she’s always ready to be in this one with you. 

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